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Ekaterina Alexandrova

Executive Director


  • Long experience in the field of real estate investment and real estate transactions in Bulgaria (since 2008): sale, purchase, investment, rental, new construction, property for renovation, property management.
  • Creation and management of companies in Canada and Bulgaria for more than 25 years, guaranteeing precise and professional expertise in the following areas: negotiations and communication with customers, suppliers and other parties; drafting and revision of contracts and other legal documents; fiscal planning; development of financial strategies, organisation and computerisation of accounting; implementation and maintenance of ISO quality system.
  • Excellent communication and negotiation skills, proactive and reactive approach, critical and analytical mind, sensitive to the needs of others, responsible, versatile.
  • Perfect command of French, English, Bulgarian and Russian.


  • Diploma of Collegial Studies in Administrative Sciences, Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf, Montreal, Canada
  • Bachelor in Law, National Program – Civil Law and Common Law, McGill University, Quebec, Canada
  • Training in Management Systems and ISO Quality Assurance, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • Training in computer accounting, Quebec, Canada
  • Real Estate Agent Certificate, Sofia, Bulgaria