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Investment in Bulgaria

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Thanks to our team’s vast experience and expertise, modern communication tools and our knowledge of IT marketing, we help our clients to buy, sell, rent or lease out real estate quickly, efficiently and in a cost-effective manner…

Our Approach

Considering the market dynamics, we adopt an exceptionally reactive approach, to offer the best available possibilities to the client, ensuring swift service, be it for installation or investment projects in Bulgaria…

Investment in Bulgaria

While bankruptcies strike many businesses, which suffer the consequences of the pandemic, and inflation depreciates currencies, real estate investment offers all the more security in terms of financial investments. Rental yields should continue to be held up by the low cost of mortgages in 2023 and the search for fund shelters, the latter being gradually devalued by inflation. 

Purchase of real estate in Bulgaria

Well aware of the diversity of needs and objectives of different clients, we begin with a preliminary meeting in order to clearly establish the search criteria and strategies based on personal preferences, objectives and expectations.

Rental in Bulgaria

Many clients move to Bulgaria either for work or for personal reasons. Some decide to buy, although most prefer to rent. We take special care of these clients by offering services that facilitate their installation and ease their integration in Bulgaria.

Real estate in Bulgaria

Three room apartment for sale in Sofia
24 April, 2024
Three room apartment for sale in Sofia

Sofia, 295 000.00€‎, Apartment, 3 rooms

Three room apartment for rent in Sofia
14 April, 2024
Three room apartment for rent in Sofia

Sofia, 1 050.00€‎, Apartment, 3 rooms

Apartment for rent in Simeonovsko Shosse
10 April, 2024
Apartment for rent in Simeonovsko Shosse

Sofia, 1 050.00€‎, Apartment, 2 rooms