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Our services

Our team of experts accompanies the client throughout the realisation of the project in order to optimise their performance and ensure their peace of mind. We offer the following services:

Market research to find a property offering optimal perspective in terms of rental profitability, security and capital gain.

To this end, we take into consideration several key factors: neighbourhood, builder’s file in the event of a new construction, condition of the property, eventual renovation or finishing costs, economic trends, state of offer and demand, long-term investment strategy and any other particular factor which may be relevant.

Presentation of selected properties.

With the client, we study the different possibilities and properties offered in order to allow the client to choose those that best suit their needs.

Organisation of visits of the chosen properties.

We take care of all the logistics, transport and translation during the visits. In addition, we support the client, using our expertise, to detect any potential concern that may affect not only the purchase price, but also future profitability.

Verification and preparation of documents.

Once a property is selected, we verify all relevant documentation with respective authorities to ensure that everything is in order. In the case of new constructions, we examine the details of the project, as well as the constructor and his portfolio to ascertain their credibility and professionalism. Thereafter, we prepare the documents necessary at each stage of the transaction in bilingual English-Bulgarian format, we conduct the negotiations, and accompany the client in this process until the end of the transaction.

Support for renovation and finishing works.

If the client decides to invest in a property under construction or which requires renovation, we collaborate with a team of workers and technicians who implement these works. Our designer elaborates a project which is presented to the client. Following the client’s approval, the works are launched, and monitored on site throughout implementation. Upon completion of the works, we take care of the furnishing and decoration in order to prepare it rapidly for rental.


Thanks to our state-of-the-art marketing platforms and our social networks, we rapidly put the property up for rent to ensure the client a maximum return on investment, as soon as possible.

Rental agreement.

We select potential tenants to guarantee their solvency and ensure the upkeep of the value of the client’s property. We prepare all the legal documents necessary for the rental agreement in bilingual format and take charge of the case until the signature of the contract and the installation of the tenant.

Property management.

After the client’s property is rented out, we manage it, ensuring prompt payment of rent to the client and timely payment of utility charges. We periodically check the condition of the property and facilitate communication to guarantee the client an income with complete peace of mind.