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Property management in Bulgaria

Whether the property is already owned or newly acquired for investment purposes, our team of expert agents is available to help manage the property.

Below are the steps and services offered:

  • We organise the comprehensive enhancement of the clients’ property to attract tenants.
  • We carry out the visits and receive the applications of future tenant. We verify each file for compliance and solvency, keeping the client regularly informed with reports of visits accomplished.
  • Thus, we find a tenant enabling a quick optimisation of the profitability of the property, preserving at the same time its condition.
  • Upon selection of a tenant, we draft a bilingual rental contract according to regulations, protecting the client’s interests, and we organise its signature. We also carry out an entry inventory and keys hand over.
  • We monitor the prompt payment of the rent and utility expenses relating to the property.
  • We ensure communication with the tenant (translation, support, mediation, etc.).
  • Our team of technicians maintains the property carrying out any necessary repairs.
  • We propose any other tailor-made service which may be required for the optimal management of the property.