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Our Approach


In order to perfectly meet the client’s expectations, our team approaches each project in a personalised way. We take care to establish the client’s needs, criteria and expectations. Thereafter we analyse the market and possibilities in depth, we draw up an action plan and actively undertake the realisation of the project.


Considering the market dynamics, we adopt an exceptionally reactive approach, to offer the best available possibilities to the client, ensuring swift service, be it for installation or investment projects in Bulgaria.

Teamwork with highly qualified professionals

Our team collaborates closely with specialists yielding expertise in all pertinent fields: taxation, law, finance, accounting, immigration, interior design, and construction – every service necessary to support the client during all stages of the project.

Follow-up and commitment

Be it for the purchase, sale or rental of real estate, or for an investment project, our team is dedicated to supporting the client throughout the process and beyond, including services ranging from property management to practical help to facilitate comfortable settling down in Bulgaria.

Optimisation of return on investment

For investment projects, our team offers exceptionally qualified expertise to select properties with an optimal rate of return, relying on our experience, our know-how, and on our network of experts.

Global and multilingual services

With the aim of rendering the best possible service to our clients, our services are proposed in several languages, including French, English, Bulgarian and Russian. Our multilingual team provides verbal and written communication in the client’s preferred language.


Honesty and transparency

Well aware of the importance of the issues at stake and challenges in the field of real estate, our core principle is to ensure honest, respectful and transparent action with our clients and with other stakeholders. We consider these values to be essential for the establishment of a lasting collaboration and the satisfaction of our customers.


Our team includes agents with a legal background, long experience in the field of real estate, a deep understanding of the market and excellent communication skills.


We believe trust to be an essential condition for any successful collaboration. It is one of our fundamental values, reason for which we approach all situations so as to establish and maintain relationships of trust.


All customers are important. For this reason our clients will always find real respect and deep attention from our collaborator, to satisfy all their custom-made projects in real estate investment.