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Camille Bronniart (63, French)

Freshly arrived in Bulgaria, I can only congratulate myself for choosing the services of the agency InterEstate for my first steps in this new country.

Not knowing the language, it was essential for me to find interlocutors who speak French but also have a deep knowledge of the country and Sofia in particular, as it’s where I decided to settle.

Hence, I contacted the agency and the next day I had an appointment to meet and figure out exactly what I was looking for. The most important thing for me, is that from the first contact we had, I immediately felt a climate of trust. First, I was asked what were my search criteria. Wanting to rent an apartment in the center of Sofia, I therefore did my best to list the essential criteria that were of the utmost importance to me (bright apartment, balcony, etc.). The next day I received several calls from Ms. Alexandrova who shared with me the progress of her searches. In addition to this, she explained to me the difference between the various areas where the properties were located and the corresponding prices by giving her personal assessment of the research results, which for me was very valuable, not knowing the city. Two days later she had selected six apartments for which she organized visits and came to pick me up at my Airbnb in order to start our visits. All the apartments that wereselected corresponded exactly to the criteria I had set out and the prices matched my budget! Only the neighborhoods were different. I fell in love with one of them! This happened during the afternoon, the next morning at 11 a.m. I had already signed a lease contract with the owners and at noon I moved in. So much happiness! I also want to underline here the speed of action of Ms. Alexandrova, both in the search of a property as well as in the communication via telephone to keep me informed of the results and to target what best could match to my needs.

Soon after I moved in, Ms. Alexandrova accompanied me to the internet provider (A1) and we were able to sign a contract immediately, which in turn allowed the technicians to connect the property to the internet as soon as possible (3 days). I would also like to point out that Ms. Alexandrova remains to this day still very active and available for various small adjustments with the owners and all subsequent telephone communications, as they do not speak English.

Following my excellent rental experience, I decided a few weeks later to call the agency again to obtain my long-term resident card (5 years). An appointment was made and Ms. Alexandrova explained to me what documents will be necessary and undertook to preapre the notarized declaration from the owners, as it is needed to obtain the card. Two days later, her collaborator, was waiting for me at a specific time in front of the immigration service in Sofia. An hour later the first step was completed, the due fees paid and the immigration papers filled in. A short visit the next day, still in the presence of the assistant, was necessary in order to take a picture required by the immigration office. Five days later, she picked up my card using my power of attorney and was kind enough to bring it to me at home.

From my arrival in this beautiful country, InterEstate truly made my life easier, all this at a really very competitive price, and above all without neglecting the very human and fundamentally friendly side!

I can strongly recommend to a foreigner wishing to do business in this country to use their services. You will only encounter professionalism and exemplary responsiveness sustained through very warm relationships.