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Lilia Velchkosvka

Interior Design Manager


  • Long experience in the field of creation and realisation of interior design projects of residential and commercial buildings and spaces in Bulgaria and other European countries. These projects include the following activities: development of projects, reconstruction, transformation of purpose of use of rooms, creation of interior and exterior design of spaces adjacent to buildings.
  • Furniture design.
  • Exceptional strength and deep interest in the field of design projects aimed at the functional optimisation of residential spaces with small areas.
  • Creation of design projects for electrical installations in residential and parking environments.
  • Excellent communication skills with clients and extensive experience in the field of technical supervision and working with construction teams in the field.
  • Languages: Bulgarian, English.


  • Designer Engineer, Design of Furniture and Interior Furnishings, Lessotechnic University , Sofia, Bulgaria.
  • Diploma in Architecture, New Bulgarian University, Sofia, Bulgaria .
  • Spatial Planning and Lathe client , Higher School of Applied Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria.